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Dutchess County, NY, is located in the Hudson Valley. This area has a population of just under 300,000 people, with easy access to some of the most popular metropolitan areas in the country. The written history of the area extends back to 1683, and the traditional history reaches back even further. The first white settlers were Dutch, then came the Germans. It was about the time of the American Revolution that New Englanders came to call this land home.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was one on the most famous Americans to live in this area, and his home is now on the National Historic Register.

One of the greatest benefits of living in Dutchess County, NY is that it is mostly a residential area, rather than industrial. The suburban atmosphere allows its residents to enjoy country living without the isolation often associated with country life. While there are large farms in the area, the easy access to metro areas makes this a popular draw for those who crave more luxurious living.

Salisbury Country Homes is a luxury home builder recognized for blending energy efficiency with historical purity. Whether you want a brand new country home, or a custom home built from your design, Salisbury Country Homes is the company to call.

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